Traffic Offenses

If your loved one is in jail and is being held under a cash bond that you cannot post to ensure their pretrial release, a bail bond agent is one option but is certainly not the only option.  A bail bond agent typically charges 10% of the bond amount to post the bond on your loved one’s behalf.  So if a person is held under a $50,000.00 secured bond, you must pay the bail bond agent $5,000.00.  That is $5,000.00 you will never get back!

We have a much more cost effective way to help you if you own real property that is not mortgaged and free from any liens.

If the property that you own is located in Haywood County, the cost is $500.00.
If the property is located in Buncombe, Jackson, Swain or Macon County, the cost is $1,000.00.You must also pay a recording fee in the amount of $64.00 to the register of deeds in the county where your property is located,Time Frame:  More often than not, the entire process can be completed within 24 hours.

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