Child Support

child support

Every child needs financial and emotional support. Every child has the right to this support from both parents. Devoted parents can be loving and supportive forces in a child’s life, but unfortunately in the day in age, support is sometimes neglected. In North Carolina, child support can be obtained to pay for expenses relating to the child’s care, housing, food, clothing, and transportation. A child is an individual under 18 years of age, an individual under 20 years who is still attending secondary school, or an individual who, by reason of physical or mental condition, is incapable of self-support. Child support is money parents pay to help support their children. It may include a monthly court-ordered amount, medical and dental support, and child care support. In North Carolina the court will order that child support be paid to the custodial parent by the non-custodial parent. Child support payments are based on guidelines. These guidelines are adhered to by the court in the typical case; however, the court may deviate from the guidelines. The non-custodial parent is ordered by the court to pay a percentage of that parent’s gross monthly income.

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